Risk Screening

Automated recognition of potential risks.

Recognizing Risks

A flexible and freely configurable control system identifies high-risk processes. In addition to a standardized evaluation, this also enables the processing of large amounts of data.

Automated Determination

Risks in processing activities are automatically recognized by rules. These can of course be adjusted at any time. The Privacy Suite shows manual changes at a glance.

Adjustment of Risk Factors

From our many years of experience in data protection, we have developed a comprehensive set of rules that automatically, content-based identifies, reveals and documents risk factors in your business processes. The rule base can be expanded by configuration. B. in the event of changes in the law or the Group’s own risk factors, which can be easily installed. At the same time, measures can be defined to reduce identified risks.

Optimized Workflow

With the multi-level workflow, you ensure the quality of the data entered and thus the result. Entries from various users can be checked and approved before they move to the next process stage.

Comprehensible Cooperation

For example, if a process does not pass the review by a colleague, the reason can be given directly with the rejection. These comments then help the editor to correct the data accordingly.