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You have the specific requirements for data protection in your company in mind. You would like to know how the Privacy Suite can become your data protection management software and would like information about all the possibilities.

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We have a lot of experience with data protection in different company types, industries and countries. We therefore know that customer trust is the key to your success. As a team of experienced data protection lawyers, software developers and designers, we have developed the Privacy Suite to make it easier for you to treat personal data with respect.


Sales & Administration.

Privacy Solutions GmbH
Lägenfeldstraße 8
30952 Hannover/Ronnenberg

Prof. Dr. Jochen Deister

Jochen Deister

CEO & Co-Founder

Bianca Richter-Harm

Bianca Richter-Harm


Frankfurt am Main

Product Development.

Privacy Solutions GmbH
Hammanstraße 11
60322 Frankfurt am Main

Christoph Westermann

Christoph Westermann

CTO & Co-Founder

Sven Magnussen

Sven Magnussen

Lead Developer

Cooperations and Memberships